The Hierarchy

I’ve been chatting with a few gentlemen about my future polyhouse plans. Obviously, the future is not here yet, but it’s always a good time to plan. I’m sure you all have some idea of how this polyhouse would work. First you have me, then the bull(s), the cuck, slave 1, slave 2, lower slave… Read More »

Money, San Francisco, Men in suits, dates

Yes, San Francisco. I gave up looking for a place in Los Angeles.  Realtors didn’t want to work with me, plus there’s too much competition in the area. And on top of that, I’m not too fond of L.A. The weather/beaches are great. The men, not so much. I was hoping to find a stockpile… Read More »


I am in Downtown Los Angeles now after a nice long ride from Las Vegas. After having an unexpected longer than planned trip to Vegas, I am quite happy to have escaped. I did however have a nice anonymous sub help make the last few days quite pleasant. Thanks, anon sub Downtown LA, a place… Read More »

Upcoming posts..

I’m glad many people enjoy hearing about my raw thoughts, emotions, sexual fantasies and past relationships. I just wanted to give a mini update on the upcoming post I plan on adding. Upcoming post: The Lower Slave – Part two. I always meant to add a part two to this, but had to write about… Read More »

Let’s go on a bad date

I’m so tired right now. I had a guy from out of town, visiting Las Vegas ask me out on a date. Extremely hesitant because well, he’s from out of town, which likely means he’s seeking short term company. He made a long pitch about how if he liked me, he would fly me to… Read More »

The novella..a work in progress

I bookmarked this random blog about a Cuckoldress, slash craigslist (various dating site) serial dater. It’s pretty interesting. I like the way she writes. It’s real, it’s not perfect, she’s not fake with her thoughts or emotions. She talks about her voyages and encounters with these (so-called) submissive men and a few encounters with bulls.… Read More »

The lower slave

What is a lower slave? Perhaps you’ve been wondering that question ever since I mentioned it in my other post. You want to know because deep down inside, you know your true place is the groveling position of a lower slave. Perhaps you cannot fathom raising your eyes to my level. And even if you… Read More »

Update 3

My first post for October. Where did I go? Why? I’m in Las Vegas. No I didn’t move here, but I’m also not on a vacation. I’m waiting on some paperwork which should be done in 3-4 days from now. I’m trying to have fun but it’s been quite lonely here. I did meet a… Read More »

Update 2

Ugh! I’m so exhausted. I’ve been looking at retail spaces in downtown L.A. all day. I found the perfect shop, perfect price and size, everything..but it was just leased. Maybe I should just go back to New York and look. ..maybe not. It’s too cold in the winter. Speaking of cold, this tram is too… Read More »

Quick update

I just made it to Palm Springs, California two days ago, after a very long drive. I am so tired. I’ve passed by Palm Springs many times, but never really stopped to look around. It’s different. I always expect a downtown center to be big, lots of tall buildings, but it’s not. It’s very quaint,… Read More »